Miscellaneous Designs

Displacement Lubricator suitable for either pump size

This lubricator has a glass viewing port, needle valve control and drain. All connections are designed as 1/4-40 MPT, but can be altered as needed to suit your application.

It may be a bit large for a 3/4" or 1" engine, but is easy to scale.

Steam Operated Cylinder Cocks

This modified design is based on one originally provided by Ben Nixon for 1-1/2" scale or larger locos.

This wonderful design seals well (doesn't leak to atmosphere) and blows open when needed if you should slug the cylinders.

You need steam from the turret to keep them closed. Again, you need to know how to silver solder, as well as fit small(ish) o-rings to reasonable tolerances.

Duplex Mechanical Lubricator

This mechanical lubricator is based on traditional reciprocating plungers with a ratchet wheel. I use it on my 1-1/2" loco and it works just fine. Some silver soldering and lapping skills are required.

Equalized brakes for Allen Locos

If you are building an Allen Loco, and want to have equalized brakes, you might want to look at these drawings. Although they show my design for a 2-8-0, it is easy to just chop out one axle for a mogul or 10-wheeler.