Steam Driven Pump Designs

Van Brocklin 1/8th scale Duplex Pump

Van Brocklin 1/16th scale Duplex Pump

The design of the pumps listed above has been modified slightly to make them easier to fabricate (steam channel location and o-ring retention). Otherwise, they are faithful to Bill van Brocklin's original designs and have produced many good-running pumps.

Please pay special attention to the builder's notes since the modifications make the machining order of the steam head critical.

Soft soldering techniques are required.

Hand Powered Pump Designs

Duplex Tender Hand Pump from bar stock suitable for a 1-1/2 inch engine.

This pump has a 1/2" ram with a 1" stroke. I have found it suitable for my Camelback Wooten boiler which is 8-1/2" diameter x 43" long.

NO, I wouldn't want to fill the boiler with it every day, but I have on several occasions when I left my garden hose fitting at home. It easily produces 200 psi for hydrotest without breaking my arm.

To build this pump you need to know how to silver solder.